Who we Serve

Business Owner

Owners and Leaders of privately held and family businesses.


Families Focused on creating multi-generational wealth.


Executives with complex compensation packages

Conversations about one’s personal and business financials and wealth are private and often intimate. That is why we operate under the principle of One Degree of Separation, Our clients are our family, our friends, or friends of our friends.

Above all, we’re here to serve you. Our goal is to develop the best ways to help you earn, save, invest and manage wealth. Whether you’re a business owner, senior executive, or estate trustee, we can help preserve and grow assets.


We begin with people we know, people who trust us and we trust them. Only from this foundation can we have open and frank discussions.

Our clients entrust us with wealth management, business planning and retirement planning. Most important, we help ensure legacies. Here in the Tucson area, we manage portfolios for major corporations, and multiple generations of the same client families. We’re helping build a better future for the entire community


We begin with people we know, people who trust us and we trust them. Only from this foundation can we have open and frank discussions. 

The first step is always to listen and learn. We work to understand your goals, then we create the best plan to help achieve them. Our mission is to tailor a plan to meet your precise needs. Backed up with our team’s experience and industry resources, you can accomplish almost anything. 

Good execution is the key to business success. GIS has a strong management and operations team to ensure successful execution of your strategy. As the Southwest’s leading investment strategy consultants, we promise less complexity and deliver more value. We find ways to resolve financial planning issues that in-house staff can’t fix.




As the CEO of GIS, I’m committed to bringing the best solutions for your business and financial planning. I’ve worked in financial services for many years, and I’ve assembled an expert team to serve you. We look at the complete financial picture, and we take a comprehensive approach to planning.

We work to integrate the investment, retirement and estate planning together toward accomplishing your overall goals. My goal is to ensure financial security, improve business operations, protect and manage wealth, and provide a legacy for the future. My team and I are available for free consultation. To learn more about our services, just contact us.

Doug McClure – CEO

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