Caring, Trust & Expertise.

  • Our Mission is to honor the depth of the relationships and trust we have with our clients.
  • Our solutions solve complex estate and business situations with innovative life insurance, financing, and advisory services. Our solutions protect and grow assets and legacies.
  • Our solutions are cutting edge, providing unique opportunities specifically tailored to each client’s needs.
Doug McClure Our Team

Wealth Management Services

Who We Serve

Conversations about one’s personal and business financials and wealth are private and often intimate.
That is why we operate under the principle of One Degree of Separation,
Our clients are our family, our friends, or friends of our friends.

Business owners

Owners and Leaders of privately held and family businesses.

Family Estates

Families Focused on creating multi-generational wealth

Senior Executives

Executives with complex compensation packages

What We Offer

We provide custom life insurance, financing, and estate and business advisory solutions and services.

How We Work Together

Cares for Me Like Family

We begin with people we know, people who trust us and we trust them. Only from this foundation can we have open and frank discussions.

Creates a Plan that’s Right for Me

We ask the questions our clients ask themselves in those moments of quiet contemplation (and sometimes anxiety).

Experience and Expertise

Each client situation is unique. We explore to understand, and then bring resources to bear that are most appropriate for the situation.

Latest News

Financial education is important too us. We share educational material that can help you make important financial decisions.

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